Inform us of Test Results

If you child has a test for Covid-19 please report the results to us using the form below.

Should your child receive a positive test for Covid 19 and you receive the results during the school day you must phone the school and speak to a member of staff as well as completing the form.

A member of the senior team will then call you back to gather further information.  If you have not received a call within an hour of telephoning us, then please call us back.

We will then speak to Public Health England and they will instruct us of our next steps and which students to track and isolate.  This process is a delicate one and can take some time.  Our priority will always be letting our students and staff know and sending them home first before we email  out more detailed information to parents.  Please bear with us whilst we work through this process.  If your child should need to be sent home during the day to isolate you will either be contacted by phone by a member of staff or your child will contact you under the guidance of a senior member of staff who will witness that you have confirmed that they can leave the school site to go home.

We will then start the process of emailing details to parents whose children have been affected, to confirm what has happened and the arrangements for isolation and how work will be provided for those students who are isolating.

We will also make all parents in all year groups aware that we have had a positive case.

If your child receives a positive test over the weekend or if school is closed for a holiday period you must complete the form below, this will alert a member of staff and someone will call you back to gather further information. We will then start of our internal Track and Isolate process.