GCSE Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Why study this course?

This course is suitable for students who will gain Capable or Expert at Key Stage 3, who have a real enthusiasm for science and who are likely to do at least one science subject at A-level. At the end of the two year course you will have 3 GCSEs, (GCSE Physics, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Biology).

What topics/will I learn?

Biology 3 Chemistry 3 Physics 3
Control systems Qualitative analysis Radiation in treatment and medicine
Behaviour Quantitative analysis X-rays and ECG’s
Biotechnology Electrolytic process Production and uses of ionising radiation from radioactive sources
Organic chemistry Motion of particles
Kinetic theory and gases

The content builds on what students learn in GCSE Combined Science.

How will I be assessed?

There are two examinations for each science so two papers for GCSE Biology, two papers for GCSE Chemistry and two papers for GCSE Physics. Each paper will be 1 hour 45 minutes in length.

Practical Assessment

Although there is no longer a coursework element to the final grade, practical work is still important. Each examination will contain (15% of the marks) questions that test practical skills, knowledge and understanding as well as investigative skills. Students will complete a series of core practicals throughout the two years to support this.

What will this course lead to after Key Stage 4?

This course can lead to any of the science A-levels; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science.

To find out more information:

Contact Nick Rowles, Head of Science nrowles@wreake.bepschools.org