Year 7 Information Evening documents

Year 7 Information Evening.

Dear Parents & Carers

The presentation for the Year 7 Information Evening can be found on the link below. The presentation covers attendance, a summary of our expectations and some information on our online support for students.


I have included the key points about attendance in the presentation and I have made it clear that 97% is the target percentage for all students. It is important that you look at the summary table on slide 3 to see how the percentage attendance translates to missed learning hours. The important message that I wanted you to hear is that we must work in partnership in supporting your child. If you are worried about your child’s attendance and need some advice and guidance please do not hesitate to contact Miss Price or myself and we will do our very best to support you.

For full information on our attendance procedures please click on the following link for our full attendance policy:



At Wreake Valley Academy we have produced a Behaviour Policy that is simple to follow and details clear expectations for our students with regards to their conduct during the school day. At Wreake Valley Academy we will reward students when they show positive attitudes, good attendance and a good level of commitment to their learning. If a student falls below our expectations, we will support them to make the right decisions in the future and find solutions for them so that they can move forward positively. We use a simple consequence system in the classroom, please refer to slide 11. The purpose of this system is to notify students if their behaviour is below expectations and therefore empower them to make correct decisions to prevent the situation from escalating. If you have any questions regarding the Behaviour Policy, please contact me and I will respond to your question(s) promptly.

For full information on our expectations and Behaviour Policy please click on the following link:


You will shortly be receiving an email detailing how to access EPraise. Epraise is a platform that we use that allows you to see how your child is progressing. It will allow you to view the number of praise points your child is awarded, any demerits assigned, their latest attendance and any detentions that have been set. Please note this is this how we will notify you if your child has a detention, except for a C3 detention, where in this case you will be informed by the member of staff setting the detention. By following the instructions in the letter you will have access to a powerful educational tool that will help inform conversations to support your child and share their success as they progress through the school. If you have any questions regarding Epraise please contact me.

Show My Homework.

Show My Homework is a platform that allows you and your child to see the homework that is set by their class teachers. It allows you to keep track on homework and it will help you manage your child’s time over the course of the week. Your child will have a tutorial on how to access Show My Homework and you will be sent details on how you can access the platform shortly.

Finally, if you have any general questions that you want to ask please send them in to for the attention of Mr Naujeer. Any questions of a general nature will be anonymised and published with answers on the school website, we will notify you if this is the case. Any personal questions will have an individual response.

For any questions in relation to the presentation you may also email, I will endeavour to respond to your questions within 48hrs.

Kindest regards


Mr Naujeer
Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 3.

Year 7 Information Evening