Inclusion at Wreake Valley

Our Inclusion Team are excited to meet all our new students and would usually be able to chat to them when they come in to visit the school.  However at the moment as the school is closed, meeting our new students in this way is not so easy.  So our staff have been busy looking at other ways that they could introduce themselves.  Some have filmed videos and others have taken photos and written a bit about themselves.  This will help our new students to become familiar with the staff before they join us in September.  Take a look at our short videos and pen portraits and then see who you recognise when you start at Wreake Valley next term.

Meet Mrs Middleton
Senior Teaching Assistant

Meet Mrs Knowles
Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Meet Mrs Corrall
Senior Teaching Assistant

Meet Mrs Green
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Meet our Team of Teaching Assistants

Mrs Giles – Teaching Assistant

“Hello, my name is Miss Giles and I am a teaching assistant. You may see me in your classroom, in a lunch club or in IN1 (the Inclusion room). You can ask me about anything to do with school and I will give you the best answer I can (and that answer might be “Let’s find out!”). I am here to help you.

I like dogs, all kinds of music, reading, cooking, colouring pencils, and computer games (and school puddings). I don’t like mobile phones or spiteful behaviour.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all when we go back to school!”


Mrs Ganatra – Teaching Assistant

Hello everyone, I’m Mrs Ganatra. A warm welcome to Wreake Valley Academy. I’ve been working here for over 20 years, supporting students from a range of backgrounds and cultures who have various needs. I particularly work with students who have English as an additional language (EAL). This includes both classroom and one to one support. Helping students grow in confidence is one of the most rewarding parts of my role. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Mrs Harper – Cover Supervisor

I have worked at Wreake Valley Academy for 14 years as a Cover Supervisor, my role means I cover for a teacher if they are absent, I work across the whole curriculum so I could be in English for a lesson then in History followed by PE or Drama as well as covering registration, so you will meet me in every department of the school at some point.  I am also currently teaching Art which I really enjoy doing.

My desk is in IN2 so I also support Miss Myles with pastoral care and being part of the inclusion team means you can come and have a chat with me if you need to and I will either help you or make sure that you get the help you need.


Mr Masoum – Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Mr Masoum, and I am a member of the Inclusion Team at Wreake Valley Academy. My main role is as a Teaching Assistant, and for most of the time, you will find me in the classroom, assisting students with their work. Other times you will find me in the Inclusion Department, helping students outside of the classroom with a variety of tasks. If you need help in the classroom or in Inclusion all you have to do is put your hand up and ask. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Helen Myles – Student Support Worker

My role is to work with and support students across the school. This may be within small group work or on a 1.1 basis., where students just need the opportunity to talk, build self-esteem or develop their confidence through a range of activities.

Looking forward to meeting you all next term.

Mrs Wheeler – Teaching Assistant

Hello, my names Mrs Wheeler and I’m part of the team in Inclusion. You will see me in some of your lessons offering my help and support and at our break and lunchtime club. I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

Miss Cassidy – Teaching Assistant

I’m Miss Cassidy, a proud team member of the Inclusion department. My role of a Learning Support Assistant allows me to create opportunities for all learners to reach their potential, irrespective of ability. My time is spent working with students on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. I am committed to the happiness, well-being, self-esteem and progress of the students – It brings me so much joy to be able to play a part in the development.  Recently, I have gained qualifications in psychology, sociology and completed courses helping me understand Autism and ADHD. In my free time, I enjoy being a mother, practicing yoga, spending time with my family and being a music enthusiast.

Mr Brown – Cover Supervision

My name in Mr Brown and I am one of the Cover Supervisors at the school. My job is to stand in for teachers who, for whatever reason, are not in school. I work all over the school and can be in PE one lesson then English or Maths, so you will see me in all departments. I am based in IN2 so you will also see me if you come to IN2 for help or assistance

Mrs Tasker – Attendance Adminstrator

Hello, my name is Mrs Tasker and I am an Administrative Assistant  for Attendance within the Wreake Valley Academy and I am situated in Room IN2, along with other members of the Inclusion Team.

My primary role is to record and monitor all student attendance within the school, including any unexplained absences. Lateness is also noted, therefore, if one day you are late to school, then it is important that you come and see me straightaway in IN2 to register your arrival, before proceeding to class.

If you or your parents/carers have any queries regarding your attendance, then I will always be available to answer any questions.

For your peace of mind, if you have any problems in school and require any help or advice, then IN2 is the place to come, where a member of the Inclusion Team will be happy to talk to you. You will always be made welcome.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you in school soon, but until then, please take care and keep safe.

Miss Sopp – Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Miss Sopp and I work as a Teaching Assistant in the Inclusion team with Years 7 to 11. I work alongside the class teacher in lessons to give students extra support and guidance with their work; I also supervise a room at break time which is available to anyone who wants a quiet environment and to see some friendly faces