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Wreake Valley Academy

Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Wreake Valley Academy.

I’d like to introduce myself as the new Interim Headteacher for
Wreake Valley Academy which is part of the Bradgate Education Partnership Trust.

In terms of background, for over fifteen years (up to the end of 2020) I was Headteacher of a large, successful and popular 11-18 school in a large town in Oxfordshire. Prior to that I worked in a variety of schools and roles in Northants, Buckinghamshire and Leicestershire. For the past three years I have worked as an Educational Consultant and School Improvement Partner for a number of secondary schools including Wreake Valley Academy and The Roundhill Academy.  I therefore, have the advantage of being familiar with the school and its context, having visited many lessons and been involved in quality assuring various aspects of the school’s work, witnessing and evaluating the considerable improvements noted at the school during that time.

Wreake is a unique school with a single minded commitment to serve every member of our community.

My personal philosophy of education is simple:

The passionate belief that each and every student has the right to learn and achieve to their maximum potential.
High quality education that provides for students, of all abilities, to achieve and become ethically informed citizens; where approaches to learning are flexible so that students are capable of learning constantly.

My values, which underpin my vision, include:

  • the belief that all students should be provided with the opportunities to learn and to achieve to the very best of their individual abilities within a calm, safe and secure environment;
  • that everyone is of equal worth;
  • that the school/home partnership is critical if we are to provide a world class education which leads to the achievement of all and the valuing of all;
  • the belief in the development of self-awareness, a sense of self-respect where there is a focus on the virtues of truth, justice, honesty, trust and a sense of duty.

 All of this will give the individual student the capacity to lead a full life with the will to contribute to society in its broadest sense.

 We welcome visitors to the school and whilst the staff and pupils work at a relentless pace, the classrooms are always open for people to see the school ‘in action’.
Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

To visit or to come in for an informal chat, please contact the Admin & Communications Team on 0116 264 1080 or email admin@wreake.bepschools.org

I very much look forward to my time at Wreake Valley
and of meeting with you as the year progresses.

Ben Baxter
 Interim Headteacher

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