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Ethos & Values

  • Our vision is for all at Wreake Valley, Bradgate Sixth Form and Bradgate Inclusion Centre to be confident lifelong learners, growing in independence, equipped to overcome life’s challenges and prepared to contribute to our global community.
  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum where high quality teaching and learning is delivered in a vibrant, supportive learning environment.
  • Our intention is to create a culture of achievement that celebrates and nurtures the unique talents and abilities of everyone.
  • As a community we embrace diversity and foster mutual trust and respect to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all.
  • We will actively promote health and well-being in an environment where everyone feels valued, safe and cared for.

About Wreake Valley 

At Wreake Valley Academy we believe in the power of education to create opportunities for students that will travel with them beyond their time at school. Opportunities are what underpin education and we would encourage your child to take any opportunity presented to them: opportunities that stretch the limits of what they thought were possible. Whilst they are here, we will ignite a spark of learning and enquiry in your child. A spark that will become a flame of learning throughout their time at Wreake and beyond. Setting them up for a life with a strong sense of who they are, where they come from and the type of person they want to be.

Wreake has a unique school building, not many schools can boast Grade 2 listed building status. But Wreake is more than its building. We have a single-minded commitment to serve every member of our community in Syston. We would encourage any member of the community to get in touch and talk to us about how we can support each other. To visit or to come in for an informal chat, please contact the Admin & Communications Team on 0116 264 1080 or email admin@wreake.bepschools.org

Mr Ben Rackley – Headteacher

I am excited about starting at Wreake Valley Academy and working with Bradgate Sixth Form and Bradgate Inclusion Centre from late August. Like your child, Wreake has huge potential and an exciting future ahead. I promise that I am going to work hard to make the next seven years of Wreake the most inspiring, engaging and positive years of your child’s life. It is this potential that attracted me to Wreake Valley Academy. Throughout my career I have committed myself to the school and community I serve. I believe it is vitally important to lead with clarity of vision for the whole school community. Everybody who is involved in the school from parents, to learning support assistants, administrators and teachers, have a key role to play in the success of your child within the academy; not one person’s role is insignificant and all can have an impact. In a school, we are fortunate to be a part of building a community with ethics and values to prepare our young people for their next stage of life. As Headteacher at Wreake Valley Academy, I will be setting the bar high for all students and therefore staff and myself.

The position at Wreake Valley appealed to me as I believe there is an opportunity to have a signficant impact on the outcomes of the students. I have read through the most recent Ofsted, explored the data from the DfE and talked to members of the community about Wreake Valley. I am aware that this cannot give me a whole and comprehensive view of the academy however, I can see that there are many positives on which to build, as well as opportunites to make significant steps forward.

I am excited about the future and what it could look like.

I am excited about the future and the possibilities it holds.

I am excited about the future that the staff at Wreake Valley Academy, Bradgate Sixth Form and Bradgate Inclusion Centre are building together.

I am excited about the future that together with you, your child will have.

I cannot wait to get started….

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