Curriculum – Key Stage 4 (GCSE Options)

Key Stage 4 – Year 10 / 11

At Key Stage 4, all students study English (Language and Literature, 2 GCSEs), Mathematics, Combined Science (2 GCSEs unless a student opts for Triple Science), Personal Development and Citizenship (non examination) and Core PE (non examination).

In addition, Students choose 4 GCSE or equivalent qualifications to study. They can choose from the following:

These are open choices and students are strongly encouraged and supported to choose subjects that they believe they will most enjoy, that they have experienced the most success in at Key Stage 3, and that they feel will lead them to the career and Post-16 ideas that they might have already.

All Key Stage 4 classes are taught by a subject specialist and the subject leader has designed a comprehensive Key stage 4 curriculum that builds on the Key Stage 3 curriculum  and fully prepares them for GCSE/BTEC and to be ready to study it Post-16 if they wish. The learning journey continues from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 and allows students to see their progression through the Key stage.

Like Key stage 3, in Key Stage 4, we also have attitude to learning descriptors, which identify what a student is like as a learner.  It is imperative that students develop and build on positive learning habits from Key stage 3 so they are able to learn well in school and work independently.

For all subjects at Key stage 4, you can see the learning journey and detail about the curriculum content for each year. The e-mail address of the Subject Lead can be found in each subject area so please contact them if you would like further information about their curriculum, or guidance about how you can support your child.

As part of the Key Stage 4 curriculum all students will continue with Physical Education (Core PE) and Personal Development. These subjects sit alongside chosen GCSE’s. Students will not sit formal examinations for these two subjects.

Understanding the Report Descriptors

A student is given a Curriculum Level and Attitude to Learning Grade.

Curriculum Level:

Based on the level of recall and application of knowledge that students demonstrate they are classified as Novice (towards age related), Capable (at age related) or Expert (above age related).

Attitude to Learning Grade

At Key stage 3 a student will also be given an Attitude to Learning grade which reflects their application to their learning.

Timescale of Reporting 2023 – 2024.

November 2023 – Parents Evening

December 2023 – Termly 100

February 2024 – Report

March 2024 – Termly 100

June 2024 – Report

July 2024 – Termly 100

December 2023 – Report

December 2023 – Termy 100

February 2024 – Parents Evening

March 2024 – Termly 100

May 2024 – Report

July 2024 – Termly 100

November 2023 – Report

December 2023 – Termly 100

January 2024 – Parents Evening

March 2024 – Report

March 2024 – Termly 100

July 2024 – Termly 100

October 2023 – ATLs Report

June 2024 – Progress Exam Results – Report

June 2024 –  Parents Evening

November 2023 – Progress Exam Results – Report

November 2023 – Parents Evening

March 2024 – Mock Results Report

March 2024 – Parents Evening

GCSE Exams –  May/June 2024

If you require additional information please contact
Nicola Morland, Head of School


Sixth Form

Our Post 16 provision Bradgate Sixth Form offers a range of subjects for study after GCSE. For information on the subjects we offer click here

For more information please contact Katie Johnson, Head of Bradgate Sixth Form