Why study this course?

Geography is about everything in the world around you so it is one of the most important subjects!!! It provides a good all-round academic education, and prepares you with transferable skills for the workplace. If you watch the news all the topics will be covered in your lessons including the weather at the end!!

What will I learn?

  • Paper 1. Living with the Physical Environment: natural hazards, weather hazards, climate change, ecosystems- tropical rainforests and hot deserts, coasts and rivers.
  • Paper 2. Challenges in the Human Environment: urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world, resource management, food.
  • Paper 3. Fieldwork (human and physical field work trips) and Issue Evaluation.


  • Numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Problem solving.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Spatial, environmental and social awareness.
  • Team work.
  • Enquiry skills.
  • Fieldwork skills.

Where can this course lead to after Key Stage 4?

Geography is an excellent course for a general academic education about the world around you and is a valuable GCSE no matter what career direction you decide upon. Geography GCSE is a good foundation for A-level Geography and also many other A-levels.

Geography also provides a good foundation to the world of work:

Distribution, Sustainable Energy Production, Finance, Recycling, Surveying, Building, Teaching, Agriculture, Landscape and Forestry Management, Business, Travel and Tourism, Leisure and Recreation, Planning, Urban Disaster Management and many many more…….

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