Why study this course?

You should chose this subject because you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes to make a business successful.  You should also study this course if you’re somebody who enjoys learning about real-life examples – you probably already watch Dragons’ Den! Studying business also gives you a chance to use all of your academic skills, including both literacy and numeracy.

What will I learn?

There are six topics studied over the two years:

  1. Business in the real world – entrepreneurship, the different types of business structure, goal setting, location and business planning
  2. Influences on business – the external factors that influence a business such as technology, economic climate, globalisation and the law
  3. Business operations – the different ways businesses produce goods and services, how they manage their stocks and supplies, and how they attempt to produce high quality products and provide excellent customer service
  4. Human resources – staffing structures, how businesses recruit new employees and how they train them once they start work
  5. Marketing – how businesses identify, understand and target their customers by using advertising and other methods to promote their products
  6. Finance – how businesses raise the finance they need to operate and how they manage their cash, calculate their profits and use data to judge their performance

How will I be assessed?

There will be two written exams, each one lasting 1 hour 45 minutes.  Both follow the same structure, with three sections: one section consisting of multiple choice and short answer questions; two sections using separate case studies and requiring longer, more developed written answers.

Where can this course lead to after Key Stage 4?

This course is an ideal preparation for at least 10 different Apprenticeships, Post 16 A Levels in Business or Economics and gaining an understanding of what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

To find out more information:
Contact to Alison Freer, Teacher of Business