Uniform can be purchased online from Price & Buckland our new Uniform suppliers.  Their websites can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Price & Buckland

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Below you will find our Uniform Policy, which details the correct uniform that all students should wear at all times.  Please read the letter below which was sent out to parents to explain the changes along with the information on how to order uniform.

Uniform Letter All Year Groups WVA

WREA0001 Parent Uniform Ordering Information 


Wreake Valley Academy School Uniform list – August 2022 onwards 
School Uniform   



Blazer   Navy school blazer with school logo 
Plain white school style shirt, buttoned through to the collar.  

Plain white T-shirt may be worn under the shirt 
Tie    School tie with a neat knot with 5 stripes showing below the knot 
Skirt  Mid grey plain school skirt.  Length no shorter than just above the knee. The skirt should not be tightly tailored or of a stretchy ”lycra” type material. It must not be split above the knee. 
Trousers  Mid grey plain school style trousers Tight fitting or cropped trousers are not acceptable. No stretch fabrics, jean style or turn ups. 
Shorts  Tailored shorts, mid grey plain school style 
Jumper – optional  Plain grey v-neck school jumper 
Tights  Black, navy, grey or neutral 

All black, plain polishable flat footwear
No sandals or open toe footwear of any description 

PE Kit    From August 2022 
PE Shirt   Black polo shirt with blue  piping and school name  Compulsory for new Year 7’s 

Optional for Years 8 – 11  

PE Shirt for Year 8 – 11 
Navy and pale blue PE shirt to be worn if not wearing Black polo short with blue piping and school name

Years 8 -11
Shorts   Plain Black shorts – no logos   



All year groups  


Leggings  Plain black sports leggings, no logo. Must not be see through 
Joggers   Plain black joggers, no logos 
Socks   Plain black socks 
Footwear for PE  Flat soled trainers. 

For KS3 PE lessons, students are advised to wear moulded stud boots for outdoor PE however flat soled trainers are allowed. 

For extra-curricular sports, when representing the school and for GCSE PE lessons, moulded stud boots are compulsory. 

School PE Hoodie – optional  Black hoodie with blue piping and school name  Optional for all year groups 


School PE  

Midlayer – optional   

¾ zip midlayer black with school name  Optional for all year groups 
Jewellery/Makeup etc  Small sleepers or stud earrings only.   

For health and safety reasons all jewellery may need to be removed for PE. 

A single discreet stud or spacer is allowed to be worn in the nose.  

Nose rings are not allowed.  

No other facial piercings are allowed in school. 

Narrow plain belts in black may be worn. 

Subtle make up only. 



Appropriate for the school environment 
Nails  Clear nail varnish only.  No false or acrylic nails.