Why study this course?

GCSE Drama is a highly successful course at Wreake Valley and is a subject where students can achieve and enjoy!

Drama not only allows students to access specialist learning about acting and theatre but it can also; focus on self expression and communication, enhance creativity, encourage co-operation and develop confidence in all pupils.

Suits students who:

Are keen performers, confident, want to develop their understanding of drama, like to work practically, are committed and enthusiastic about drama and are creative and willing to share ideas.

What topics/skills will I learn?

Students who choose drama will specialise in:

  • acting and performing
  • directing and devising their own work
  • appreciating live performance work
  • crafting skilled pieces of performance work
  • evaluating their own and others work
  • the process from page to stage
  • script writing
  • working effectively in a group and as an individual
  • research and problem solving skills

 How will I be assessed?

For GCSE Drama the course assessment consists of:

Practical coursework (2 units) 60%

Written exam (1½ hours) 40%

Where can this course lead to after Key Stage 4?

Most students, who study GCSE drama, go on to study the subject at A-level and beyond.

At Wreake, we offer a very successful ‘A-level’ Drama and Theatre Studies course.

Students who have completed this course have progressed onto:

Musical theatre, Performing Arts, Drama and English and a wide range of other degree courses including law, medical genetics, marine technology to mention a few.

To find out more information:

For more information, please contact Carla Connolley, cconnolley@wreake.bepschools.org

You will also find information about the Drama course that we offer on the OCR website: www.ocr.org.uk