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Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on February 22nd 2021 that students will return to school from March 8th 2021 we have shared details of our plans for fully re-opening our school, this can be found in the updates below.  More details will follow.  Until students return to school we will continue as before with the school being closed to all students except those of key/critical workers and vulnerable students.  The majority of students will learn from home and we will provide lessons for all student remotely. We will continue to regularly update parents and carers as we receive more guidance.


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Spring term 2021 return 18/12/2020

LA Re-Opening Risk Assessment – December 2020


 Notifying us of positive Covid results 11.11.20

14.11.20 Letter to parents whose child is in NOT in the affected Year group bubble and have NOT been in contact with positive Covid case

14.11.20  Closure of Year group bubble (Weekend)- Letter to parents whose child HAS been in contact with a Positive Covid case

BEP Letter to Families – 6th Nov

Letter for students already self isolating and not had any contact with affected case

Letter to students not affected by positive case – Yr groups 7,8,9 & 10

Letter to Yr 11 students not affected by positive Covid case but part of Year group bubble

Letter to Yr 11 students who have been in contact with affected case

Additional layers for Uniform 04.11

Student Update Nov 2020 2

LA Re-Opening Risk Assessment – November 2020 (1)


Letter to parents 28.10.20

Letter to families from Bradgate Education Partnership inc survey


Covid 19 update for parents 21.09.20

Re-Opening Risk Assessment – Aug.Sept 20

Update for WVA parents 16.08.20

Re Opening Schedule

Free School Meal Voucher Update 06.07.20

You May Now Be Eligible For Free School Meals  Application Form For Free School Meals

Update For Families On Lockdown And Returning To School In September

Leicester Lockdown Update 30.06.20

Free School Meal Voucher Update 16.06.20

Letter To Yr 11 10.06.20

Parent Information For Year 10 Regarding Face To Face Sessions 08.06.20

Parents Information Letter Face To Face Sessions 08.06.20

Update for Yr 10 And Yr 12 Students Regarding Increase In Provision 05.06.20

Leadership Arrangements For Bradgate Education Trust Secondary Schools

Revised Date For Start Of Gradual Increase In Provision 26.05.20

Spring Newsletter 2020

Letter From Headteacher To Parents And Carers With Further Details Regarding The Gradual Increase In School Provision 22.05.20

Free School Meals Voucher Scheme Update 22.05.20.

Letter To Families Regarding Gradual Increase In School Provision Bradgate Education Partnership Trust 21.05.20

Spring Newsletter 2020

Letter Regarding Re Opening of Schools 15.05.20

Free School Meals Update 12.05.20

Online Safety Information For Parents 28.04.20

Letter To Students And Families From Head Teacher Tim Marston

Update On French Trip 23.04.20

Letter To Families Regarding Today’s Tasks 22.04.20

Free School Meal Voucher Update 21.04.20

Letter To Yr 11 Students Regarding BSF Access Course 21.04.20

Letter To Families Regarding Procedures To Recommence Learning From Home 17.04.20

ChatHealth Update Secondary Schools 1

Letter To Yr 11 Students, Parents And Guardians On Governments Decision On Summer 2020 Exams

Letter To Yr 11 Students WVA Summer Exams 2020 From Head Of Ofqual

Letter To Year 13 Students, Parents And Guardians From Government On Summer 2020 Exams

Letter To Yr 13 Students Summer Exams 2020 From Head Of Ofqual

Parents, Students And Teachers Guide To 2020 GCSE And A Level Grades (1)

Something Nice To Share With You Stay At Home Diaries Week 1

Stay At Home Diaries A View From My Window

Letter To Families At WVA & BSF 03.04.20

Letter To Parents And Guardians 03.04.20 Governments NEW Free School Meal Scheme

DfE Free School Meals Vouchers Parent Guardian FAQs 03.04.20

SMHW Login Instructions

Letter To Parents 02.04.20 Frequently Asked Questions Learning Online

Reminder PD Registration Activity 01.04.20

Warning On Fraudulent Activity For Free School Meals 01.04.20

Letter To Keyworkers And Vulnerable Families Regarding Weekly Child Care Provision 01.04.20

Internet Safety 29.03.20

Message From Wreake Valley Academy And Bradgate Sixth Form Staff 27.03.20

Email Contacts For Heads Of Departments

Hegarty Maths Message From Head Of Maths 26.03.20

Free School Meals Provision During School Closure 24.03.20

Coronavirus Update 24.03.20 Email 4 School Bus

Coronavirus Update 24.03.20 Email 3 Free School Meals

Coronavirus Update 24.03.20 Email 2 Registration

Email Contacts For Heads Of Departments

Coronavirus Update 24.03.20 Email 1 Communication

Coronavirus Update Free School Meals 23.03.20

Coronavirus Update 23.03.20

Letter To Students From All The Staff

Letter To Yr 11 Students

Coronavirus Keyworkers And Vulnerable Children Update 20.03.20

Coronavirus Update 19.03.20

Letter To Parents And Guardians Re Keyworkers 19.03.20

Letter To Year 11 Students re GCSEs and Sixth Form places 19.03.20

Coronavirus Update 18.03.20

Yr 10 Parents 17.03.20 Cancellation of Work Experience

Coronavirus Text Msg 13.03.20

Coronavirus Update 13.03.20

Coronavirus Update 10.03.20

Update 27.02.20

Yr 12 Parents Evening

Autumn Term Newsletter 2019 

Wreake Valley Writers 2019

Spring Term Newsletter Jan Feb 2020 BEP Oct20 letter to families[1721]